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Eden College
Karachi, Pakistan
Founded: 2019
Type: High School
Sector: Private

Landline: 922135185316
Mobile: 923333679273, 923336692737
Website: www.edencollege.com.pk

Location: Plot No. 2, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi

Key Features:
Financial Aid
Computer Lab

Our world is evolving. You can feel the tension in the air, waiting for the right individuals to channel it into something electric, something that changes the course of history. World leaders. Game changers. Storytellers. Humans a few words to describe the students at Eden.

We believe that every child that walks through our doors has the potential to be something great, and by employing the very best of their potentials, our teachers work in close classroom settings of about 20 students, exploring each one of their talents, making it easier to refine them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our counsellors put the finishing touches, preparing our students for life beyond A-Levels, sending confident, well-rounded individuals out into the world.

We at Eden know that not every child is academically inclined, and unlike the common belief, we don't try to force students who could be gifted athletes, musicians, artists, or actors into the mould of a high-academic achiever. Though grades are important, we aim to explore and hone other talents as well, wherever they may lie.

Eden aims to create individuals who believe in themselves, and are ready to face whatever challenge life throws at them. Individuals who are confident of their skills and can imagine a future where their passions pay the bills.

We don't look back at past mistakes or worries, we learn from them, and move forward and onwards.

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