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Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy tells you about the personal information we collect from you, how we use it, and what your rights are. We've divided it into headings you can select and view, depending on the services you are using. If we make any major changes to this policy, we'll add an alert on this website, our social media channels, or contact you. If you are under the age of 13, you can take a look around our website, but you shouldn't give us your personal information, as our services are for people aged 13 or over.
If you've got any questions about our privacy policy, or how we use personal information, email: [email protected] or write to: Data Protection Officer, Karlo Apply, Building No. 1-C, Nishat Lane 1, Khayaban-e-Nishat, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.
Terms used in this policy
Who we are
KA stands for the 'Karlo Apply' - We're a marketplace for educational institutes.
All personal information provided by you through this website is under the control of Karlo Apply and Karlo Apply Media, and we're responsible for taking care of your personal information in line with the Data Protection Bill 2018.
This policy may refer to either organization as 'KA', 'our', 'us', or 'we', and our registered office is Building No. 1-C, Nishat Lane 1, Khayaban-e-Nishat, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.

We try to use language that is easy to understand, and avoid legal terms. However, we're required by law to include certain information in our privacy policy - here we explain what these terms mean:

Personal data Is information about individuals, like name and address, or educational or work achievements. Our policy refers to personal data as 'personal information'.

'Special category' personal data is personal information the Data Bill 2018 considers to be sensitive, such as information about ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or mental and physical health. Use of this personal information is subject to stricter conditions under the Data Bill 2018 act.

Criminal convictions personal data is personal information about someone's criminal convictions. If you apply to some courses, such as ones that involve working with children, we will ask you if you have any criminal convictions.

Lawful basis for processing - all uses of personal information must be supported by a 'lawful basis for processing'. Browsing our website, contacting us, requesting a newsletter, entering a competition, and surveys

Collecting your personal information
When you visit our website, we may collect your personal information, so we can contact you about your request or enquiry. This could include:

Your name, contact details, and interests, if you register to receive a newsletter, updates about our services, or information from third parties your name and contact details, if you enter a competition. If you're one of the competition winners, we may publish your name on our website. If we need to collect more information from you, or share it with anyone, we'll let you know when you enter the competition your application details and other personal information you provide when you use the live chat system.

Please be aware that all content you write in the live chat screen (even if you later delete it before sending) can be viewed by the member of staff assisting you with your enquiry during the time you are chatting collecting your IP address when you visit our website, if you are the only person with access to your computer or device, and it can identify you. We may produce combined statistics about visitors to our website and website traffic patterns, answers to questions, content entered, and related website information. The information used for these purposes is aggregated (i.e. combined with other user data) and anonymised. It's used to improve our website, and will not be shared in a way which identifies you

Sharing your personal information
We may share your personal information with employees of Karlo Apply or Karlo Apply Media, or our suppliers who provide services to us, if this is necessary to progress or address your request/enquiry.

If you attend a Karlo Apply event
Collecting your personal information
When you attend a Karlo Apply event, including virtual events, we collect the following personal information:

Your name, address, email address, date of birth, gender, current school, and year. We also ask you to tell us when you want to start university, the areas of your interest, the subjects you want to study, and if you are considering a gap year, apprenticeship, going into employment.

Using your personal information
We use this personal information to provide you with updates about event(s) you're attending, and ask your opinion about our services.

We also use this personal information to make sure any information and advice we send you is relevant and useful - such as open days likely to be of interest to you, based on the subjects you want to study.

We retain the personal information to produce research about such things as attendance at events, and their impact on access to higher education. Any statistical analysis reports we produce will not allow you to be identified.

Changing what we send you
If you opt to receive information, advice, and offers from Karlo Apply on behalf of third parties, you can change the types of communications you receive and how you receive them, at any time. The easiest way to do this is by selecting the 'Update preferences' link in the emails you receive from us.

'Special category' personal information
We ask you to provide details of any special requirements you have, such as disabled access needs, or visual or hearing impairments, so appropriate support can be put in place at the event.

You don't have to give us this information, but by doing so, we hope to make sure you have a better experience at the event, as the information will be shared with Karlo Apply's backend employees and relevant employees at the venue such as those with responsibility for security, and health and safety).

Sharing your personal information
You can get your ticket scanned at an exhibitor's stand. If you do, they'll receive your name and contact details, including your mobile phone number (if provided), so they can contact you with opportunities that may be of interest. We'll also share how you'd prefer to be contacted (e.g. email, post, SMS/text) based on what you told us when you signed up for the event.

We'll provide exhibitors with your date of birth, current school and year, when you want to start university, the areas of the interest and the subjects you want to study. We'll also let them know if you're considering a gap year, apprenticeship, or going straight into employment. If you gave the subjects you're currently studying, we'll also pass these on to the exhibitors.

During a virtual event, if you access an exhibition space of one of our exhibitors they will receive your contact details and the subjects you have noted that you are interested in. This will enable them to send you info about course details and open days which are relevant to you. The very nature of a virtual event is to find information and make connections with exhibitors. Any communications outside of the event will be based on the preferences you made in your registration. You will have the opportunity to opt out of exhibitor comms once they have made contact with you.

Exhibitors may use this information to make sure any communications you receive are relevant and of interest to you.

Using your image at an event
When you attend an event, you might decide to have your photo taken. If you do, it will be stored in our database and shared on our website to help promote our events. This means, anyone who visits our website will be able to see and download your photo for two weeks after your visit. You must, therefore, be sure you're happy for your photo to be shared.

If you want to have your photo removed, email: [email protected] with:

a) The details of the event you attended (date and venue)
b) Copy of the picture you want to be removed

If you're a parent, guardian, or career attending a Karlo Apply event, we'll collect your name and contact details, so we can send you updates about the event, and information and advice to support your child with their post-18 options. We'll also ask you to confirm what post-18 options your child is interested in, and will use this information to provide relevant information in the communications you receive from us. You can also scan your ticket at an exhibitor's stand. If you do so, they will receive your name and contact details, so they can contact you with opportunities that may be of interest. During a virtual event, if you access an exhibition space or the content of one of our exhibitors they will receive your contact details and details of the subjects that your child is interested in. This will enable them to send you info about course details and open days which may be of interest based on the preferences made in your registration.

If you are an adviser or exhibitor attending a Karlo Apply event, or virtual event, we'll collect information that may include name, contact, school, and transport details, to support your attendance at the event, and so we can send you updates and information likely to be of interest. We'll also send you useful information on behalf of third parties, if you choose to receive it.

We make the names, position, and organization of people attending Karlo Apply events available to everyone who attends.

Using the Karlo Apply's Dashboard
Collecting and using your personal information
When you use the Karlo Apply's Dashboard we collect the following personal information:

- If you log in and create an account:

To allow you to use the dashboard research tools and add favourite course choices and content, we'll ask for your name, location, chosen password, if you are at school, and your email address. We'll also ask what type of courses you are interested in.

- If you wish to personalize the content:

You can add information to assist in your exploration of your higher education choices including within the personal statement, notes or tariff calculator tools.

'Special category' personal information

We do not request any special category information directly through the dashboard. If you enter any such information into the tools available on the site, we consider that we hold your explicit consent to process (store) that information.

How we use your information

The information you provide will be used to present personalized content including through the tools available to you. Data will also be used to support the analysis of the system and improve future developments; wherever possible this analysis will use anonymised data.

Sharing your personal information

We may share your personal information with organizations or individuals, for the purposes listed below.

Supporting your application to higher education. We share the personal information in your application with the providers in the Karlo Apply's admissions scheme(s) you're applying to, so they can consider your application.

We provide personal information to your referee(s) so they can identify you, and have sufficient information to write an informed reference.

If you use an agent to submit your application, they can access your application, and see its outcome. Enabling research about higher education

Reporting to organizations with responsibilities for higher education

We may also share personal information with government or other bodies with responsibilities for the higher education sector, or others which develop and monitor the effectiveness of government policies for higher education:

Verification Checks

We will make verification checks to ensure your application is accurate, and not fraudulently submitted. This process will include cross-referencing the information submitted on new applications with previously cancelled submissions, and checking personal statements do not include material copied from another source. If any adverse information is revealed about you, we will let you know so you have an opportunity to respond. Information provided as part of your application may also be used by course providers to complete their own verification checks regarding the details you have provided. They may contact you directly if there are any concerns or queries regarding your application.

How to opt out of receiving further information

You can opt out of receiving this information at any time, by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' or 'Update preferences' links in our communications. We may use a supplier to provide this information to you - such as an application that enables us to deliver information to you, sending you an email or SMS/text, or mailing companies, where the information is delivered to you by post.

Display marketing and how to switch it off

We use Google DFP to support display advertising content on our website, according to the demographics (such as age, gender, or interests) of the visitors to particular pages. Find out how to opt out of personalised display advertising.

We may also use Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, and Snapchat remarketing features which support promotion of our services you have shown an interest in, if you have subscribed to Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, or Snapchat.

This may be based on a hashed (anonymous) email address, or other anonymous information collected by cookies when you visit our website, such as things like your mobile device location (if location features are turned on), browser cookie ID, mobile device identifier, and IP addresses. This helps us provide you with relevant adverts if you have a Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, or Snapchat account.

You can choose to opt out of receiving these adverts by:

changing your account settings for Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linkedln, and Snapchat to opt out of receiving 'audience advertising', to ensure you do not receive tailored adverts enabling the 'Limit Ad Tracking' setting (on IOU devices), or the setting to 'Opt out of Interest-Based Ads' (on Android), so Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, and Snapchat do not tailor our adverts for you by matching your device to information from partners

How we collect your personal information

If we engage with each other through social media, we may collect information contained in your posts or blogs, comments, likes, voting, web chat, video uploads, or private messaging functions, from any of the social media links available to you on this website.

How we share your personal information

Any personal information you choose to share could be accessed publicly, if you to share any content on this site, or on any of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Linkedln, or Google+). This includes disclosing personal information if you engage with Karlo Apply social media, such as posting comments on our Karlo Apply Facebook page, voting for your favourite blogger, sending us a private message, uploading a video, or tweeting us.

We cannot be held responsible for any damaging actions or behaviours which may result, following your use of this, or any other related social media activity.

Social media acceptable use

When you engage with Karlo Apply on social media, such as our Facebook page or Twitter feed, comments you post are live as soon as you publish them. We do not check and approve them beforehand. We will remove inappropriate posts. So you know what that means to us.


We use cookies to provide users with the functionality contained in our website, and produce anonymous information to help analyse website traffic, usage, and behaviour. This helps us improve the visitor experience on our website, and ensure you receive relevant adverts when you use our website, and others.


To keep your application secure, we'll provide you with a username and you'll be asked to create a password. We also ask you to answer certain questions before we discuss your application with you. You can choose to nominate a representative to act on your behalf.

Do not give your Personal ID to anyone other than your nominated representative, if you choose to. Your password or security answers must not be given to anyone, even your nominated representative.

Retention of personal information

We retain your personal information in accordance with the data bill 2018, which obliges us to keep it only for as long as is necessary. If we do not have any requirement to retain personal information for business, regulatory, or legal reasons, we will delete it.

We retain personal information for statistical and research purposes in the public interest. If you apply through our admission portal, we'll retain and use this, in combination with other information we hold, to produce statistical analysis and research in respect of the higher education sector, for public benefit.