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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does the admissions process entail?
To apply for admissions through Karlo Apply, you will need to:
Register - Register online at Karlo Apply's portal to create an e-profile.
Application - Complete the e-profile and apply to the desired institute.
Payment - Pay the application fee via available payments channel as mentioned in the e-application portal.
Short Listing - Await for short listing of your application which will be done directly by the educational institute applied.
Interview - Appear for the interview at the designated time and location (shortlisted applicants only).
Admission - Upon successful selection after interview process, you will be notified of the admission confirmation directly by the educational institute applied.
Q. How do I proceed with my online e-application?
Once you have successfully created an account with Karlo Apply, you can than navigate through dashboard to start an e-application by selecting your desired educational institute.
Q. What supporting documents do I need to submit with my e-application?
You need to upload the following documents to support your e-application:
a) Attested copies of original Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificates/Diploma as per your examination board.
b) Attested Secondary and Higher Secondary School Transcripts/Mark Sheets as per your examination board.
c) O&A Levels and/or equivalent Certificates .
d) Applicant CNIC/Passport Copy .
e) Parents or Guardian CNIC/Passport Copy .
f) Merit Certificate (If applicable) .
g) Any other Academic or Sports Certification (If applicable) .
h) Work Experience Certificate (If applicable) .
Q. Can I apply through a paper application?
No, We do not accept paper application, you can only apply through an e-application available at Karlo Apply's portal.
Q. When will I receive my admission decision?
Admission decision will be relayed to you directly by the educational institute applied as per their timeframe through an email.
Q. What is a Letter of Recommendation?
Applicants are required to submit the letter of recommendation which will be from their ex-teacher(s). You can send them link available at student dashboard or while processing of your e-application to their email address. Please note submission of letter of recommendation is one of the mandatory steps to complete an e-application.
Q. How can I check my application status?
You can check your e-application status at any time by signing into Karlo Apply's portal.

Financial Aid

Q. Are there any financial assistance services available via Karlo Apply?
Yes, you can submit financial assistance form available at student's portal. However thorough assessment will be done for each individual's need/merit before awarding finanical assistance by educational institute applied directly.
Q. When should I apply for Financial Aid?
We recommend you should submit your financial aid application once you have successfully submitted an e-application.
Q. Can I apply for Financial Aid?
Any student can apply for financial aid, however the final decision remains with the educational institute applied either to grant or reject the request.
Q. Do I also need to fill in a Scholarship form if I am applying for Financial Aid?
It is not essential. You can apply for just financial aid as well.
Q. Do I need to get my documents attested; and if so, by whom?
Students must get their documents attested by a public notary or by the institution that issued the original document(s).
Q. What if my parents are unwilling to disclose information on the Financial Aid form?
We strongly recommend for a fair assessment of your application, it is essential that you provide complete information in finanicial aid form.


Q. Can I make changes to the online e-application once I have pressed the "Submit" button?
No, you cannot make any changes to your e-application once it has been submitted. However, if some critical information needs to be corrected/altered (example: your mailing address or phone number), you can contact the Support Department of Karlo Apply and put in a request.
Q. Will I receive a confirmation after submitting my e-application?
Yes, you will receive a text message and an email notification after the successful submission of your e-application from Karlo Apply and the educational institute applied as well.
Q. When should I start to prepare for Educational Institute's Entrance Examination?
We recommend that you should start preparing yourself for entrance examination as soon as you have succesfully submitted an e-application regardless of the admission confirmation outcome.
Q. Will I be required to appear for an interview as part of the admissions process?
Yes , an interview is a key part of an admissions process. Candidates should make sure to show up for their interview at least 15-20 minutes easily. Interviews will only be rescheduled in extreme cases at the discretion of educational institute.
You can contact us through any of the following means if you require any help or information:
Support Department
Karlo Apply (Pvt.) Ltd.
Building No. 1-C, Nishat Lane 1, Khayaban-e-Nishat, Phase VI, DHA
Karachi, Pakistan
Call Us: +92 21 35850200
Email Us: [email protected]
Web: www.karloapply.com
Q. What is accreditation?
Accreditation is a system for recognizing educational qualification as defined by the profession or other accrediting bodies.
Q. What is Higher Education Commission (HEC)?
Higher Educuation Commission (HEC) is the accrediting body for all private and public sector universities across Pakistan.


Q. How can I pay the application fee?
There are multiple ways to make the e-application payment:
a) Pay online through the e-application system using a credit or debit card.
b) Pay fee online through the e-application system via Easypaisa or JazzCash.
c) Pay fee at the nearest Bank Al Habib branch, using the payment voucher downloaded and printed from the e-application account.
d) Pay fee by requesting cash at home collection, we will assign our partner courier service to arrange a visit and collection from your registered address at set date during working days.
Q. How do I find my application invoice Number?
The Application ID number is visible on the top right corner of each page of the e-application.
Q. Is the fee is refundable in case of withdrawal from admission?
No, once the application is submitted there will be no refund of e-application fee.


Q. What is a Profile?
A profile is a collection of information that you will need to provide in order to complete your e-application for admission with educational institute.
Q. If I don't submit a profile, will it have a negative impact on my application?
The profile needs to be complete and submitted as it is a requirement. Applicants who do not complete their profile will not be able to avail e-application services available for the admissions process in any way.
Q. What should be included in my profile?
All the relevant information (true and correct) required to complete educational institute admission e-application.


Q. Are there any scholarships services available via Karlo Apply?
Yes, you can submit financial assistance form available at student's portal. However thorough assessment will be done for each individual's need/merit before awarding finanicial assistance by educational institute applied directly.
Q. Who can apply for Scholarships?
All students who have submitted their e-application successfully through Karlo Apply's portal can apply for scholarships program with the selected educational institute.
Q. When should I apply for a scholarship?
We recommend you should submit your financial aid application once you have sucessfully submit an e-application.


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