Karlo Apply | About

Karlo Apply is an online space where you can create your e-profile (single form-based application) which allows you to access and apply to multifarious academics, careers and counselling opportunities.

The notion of this marketplace was realized when we identified the gap in our digital ecosystem where no such platform is offering multiple opportunities and eliminating the lengthy processes of applying and submissions.


Our mission is straight – We are dedicated to making every growth opportunity available to everyone.


We dire to look at Pakistan with more diversified knowledge, skills and opportunities.

What do we have?

Karlo Apply is mainly branched into three segments.

admissions simplified

Browsing and filtering educational institutes are considered to be an intensive decision. Hence, at the admissions simplified portal, you as a parent or a student can browse through our panel of educational institutes to find the right education fit and apply via e-profile (single form-based application) across Pakistan. With this motive on our table, we open a window for you to explore fields that are submerged below our awareness in Pakistan. “It is as simple as ordering food online.”

careers simplified

With the knowledge, you need the experience to learn. Careers simplified is a portal that lets you access internship and job openings beyond the runoff the mill filters. Our purpose for this portal is to make every placement significant.

counselling simplified

We have counselling experts who will help you in analysing your interest and skill set and provide you with an array of possibilities for you to pursue. Also in the past few years; the importance of mental health is highlighted on many platforms, and various organisations are reaching out to help individuals. We, wanting to play an important role in our society, are also extending our hands to reach out to the individuals with our mental health counsellors.